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I.C.E. - In Case of Emergency: I.C.E. Logo

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does I.C.E. Stand for?

I.C.E. stands for, “In case of emergency” and is often used by paramedics and EMTs to obtain contact information when a patient is unable to provide it.

Why not just create an item in Contacts labeled "ICE" with a phone number?

Actually, I strongly recommend that you do. Personally, in addition to this utility, I have 2 contacts that start with ICE: followed by the name. By having both this and the utility, first responders and medical personnel can find this information in both the built-in Contacts app as well as this one. Both support Universal Search/Just Type so someone could start typing the letters I-C-E and see both the application as well as any ICE: labeled contacts.

What if my phone is dead or broken? What about if the battery dies?

While the utility offers more functionality than a card, the reality is that electronic devices fail, often at the worst moment! This is especially true in an emergency. As such, I strongly recommend the low-tech, but still very effective, paper version of an I.C.E. card. A very useful (.pdf) card can be found here: (Note: I didn't create this nor am I associated with this organization/site)

I also have created a card and label set that can be printed out and attached to the device. This also provides useful information to a responder to look for the I.C.E. icon on the device. That way, it helps to easily find the application if the device still works, but also provides room for a contact number if the device fails. (Download in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format)

What about privacy if my phone is lost or stolen?

You can always wipe your phone remotely via the Palm Profile. See the following Palm Support KB article for instructions and help. Regardless, you'll still need to make the decision of privacy vs. emergency information. This is something you should take seriously and make a decision that's right for your circumstances.

(Important Note: I am unable to override or modify the lock screen! If you have a PIN to start, this application cannot be accessed.)

Download the beta (