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Sniper Alley

This is a sniper-type level, meaning it does have a few outdoor areas (and I've checked it for speed and the counts are below Id's base1.bsp's outdoor area. (And actually, it gives any beginner level editors and idea of about how big you can make an open area)

However, while it does have some good sniper areas, it's also designed to keep people from sitting in a single area. The BFG is rather nice for clearing out the sniper towers. Of course, you have to expose yourself to become a sniper target to get the BFG!

It is playable in both Single Player and DM mode.  SP mode does have different skill levels (easy, medium, & hard) and  I have tested it both with real players and the Eraserbots (which do tend to get stuck some).  I have included a routes (.rtz) file for Eraserbots. It's not as detailed as a 'true' single player map, but this is done to keep the poly count low. So, don't be judging it against, say
RiscChip's "What the End is For" (which btw, is an EXCELLENT single player level)

Many thanks to:

  • My wife and DM partner, Deb
  • RiscChip, Jon Lambert, The Last Doomer and Astaroth for playtesting
  • Bob Hamilton and everyone at I.C.E. ( for some SERIOUS multiplayer testing!