Sniper Alley (1,078kb) by Richard Neff
4 to 15 Players
The first time I played this map I thought I loaded a long lost id map. While it may not be as complicated as the originals Quake 2 maps it's is very groovy. This baby consists of over, count'em, ten rooms. Some are big and some are small but all are done well. One of my favs is the helicopter pad looking area. I wouldn't play under four players or so. Plenty of ammo and weapons for all to about fifteenish. But for a good old fashion massacre, try it with eighteen.

If you don't have any one to play with, you're in luck! Sniper Alley doubles as a pretty good single player level. They even went so far as to have a goal and difficulty levels.

Stock texture are used well in this map. Some are not quite centered but you won't notice in battle. Lighting is a bit dark, so don't wait till you see the white of their eyes. While most rooms have at least three entrances or exits, a couple have only two. Pull this baby out when you have a lotta friends over or when you're alone! (Did I just type that?):-P
Christian Katsch

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