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SierraPapa Help:

Important! If you have installation issues, this is not an issue with the app! It's an issue with the specific device or the Palm Catalog. See here for more information and troubleshooting from HP/Palm.

SierraPapa is divided into 2 main scenes:

The Letters/Numbers area is pretty straightforward. Each simply lists the an English letter/number with Morse Code and NATO phonetic pronunciation of that letter/number.

The Build area (simply click the Build button in the lower left corner) allows you to type a word, phrase, or sentence and when the Build button is tapped, it displays the NATO phonetic spelling of whatever was typed. You can also e-mail this information by clicking the e-mail icon in the lower left corner. (No SMS text support is provided. I might add that as a future option.)

If you need more functionality, such as SMS text or more phonetic alphabets, I'd suggest purchasing a different product, Soldier Talk, found in the App Catalog. Note: I am not associated in any way to Soldier Talk. I'm simply providing this for those that need/want more than what SierraPapa provides.

Originally developed on PalmOS by Andrew Stawowczyk Long

Developed and re-written on WebOS (with permission) by Richard Neff

Copyright 2009-2011

Download SierraPapa (Palm Catalog)